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      • We are moving the studio—this week!

          This Friday, May 1, our daily view will change. We are moving the studio to Pawtucket and joining our friends in the Hope Artiste mill complex. This past year, we have had requests (tons) for a local showroom and so it's finally moving day. It will be a great...

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      • WINGS pattern, Hunt Yachts + Southern Boating Magazine

        Our exciting collaboration with Hunt Yachts of Rhode Island ended up on the cover of Southern Boating Magazine! Over the years, we've been incredibly grateful for all the generosity of our friends in the press, but this is only our second cover....and it's for a boat. See the cover and...

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      • new fabric pattern ~ MORRIS

        Stripes! Introducing MORRIS, our latest fabric pattern to the trade. Hand painted + hand printed at an historic New England textile mill. As with all of our patterns, it is available on a variety of grounds + in several colorways. Minimum order is 3 yards. $55./per yard. Custom colorways are...

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